Cathy Monro – Chair

Thanks be to our wonderful and faithful God as we are continuing the transformative journey at Bedford College.


As a Baptist ministry, we provide skill-based training in childcare, aged care, disability support, home care, business and management, education support, and community services. Our students include school leavers, the unemployed, retired, socially disadvantaged and those seeking new skills to enhance their opportunities in life.

Bedford College’s new Statement of Christian Philosophy and Practice is being finalised. It will ensure that our approach to vocational education is anchored in a Biblical Christian philosophy, with application in all aspects of the college’s operations and programs.


We welcomed Phillip Nash and Matthew Fletcher to the Board of Directors during the year. The following presents the areas of service each Director contributes to fulfil the governance responsibilities of Bedford College.

  • Matthew Fletcher (Finance, Risk & Audit Committee)
  • Meighan Heard (Chair, Governance & Nominations Committee)
  • Yvette Karwaj (Governance & Nominations Committee)
  • Jamie Long (Chair of Assembly Council)
  • Cathy Monro (Board Chair)
  • Phillip Nash (Finance, Risk & Audit Committee)
  • Allen Sibley (Chair, Finance, Risk & Audit Committee)
  • David Slinn (Finance, Risk & Audit Committee)
  • Peter Smith (Company Secretary. Governance & Nominations Committee)

Bedford College farewelled Dr Stephen Smith, the interim CEO, and welcomed Stephen Moynan as its new CEO. Stephen Moynan is an experienced educator having worked in Christian education for many years. He is a member of Narwee Baptist Church.

Despite the continuing challenges amid COVID volatility, a stable level of students has been maintained. We are thankful to our dedicated staff, whose passion for teaching and nurturing the students in their charge have ensured the successful completion of their respective studies during another year filled with COVID-induced uncertainty and challenges.

Our missional priorities continue to be implemented, including exploring collaborative opportunities with the Baptist Association and Morling College.


As we remain inspired by God’s many blessings for Bedford College, we feel assured of His guidance and provision. We will be rolling out our 3-year strategic plan in 2022.

With the increasing demand for a more appropriately trained workforce across a broad range of industries, Bedford College is in a unique position to be used by God for His purpose for the communities in which we live.