Welcome to your Association’s 2021 Annual Report, which shares many highlights (and some challenges!) of the ongoing ministry across our movement in what was another extraordinary year. 

Again this year, the full report including our Governance reporting and reports from our Affiliated Groups, is online.  I encourage you to browse and read the various sections and be inspired and encouraged.  

We have seen God at work in remarkable ways.  Despite significant parts of NSW & ACT spending a third of the year in lockdown, 10 new churches were planted across our movement.  Almost 50 churches were mobilised for evangelism and discipleship through specific supports of the Association.  3 new family units went out supported from our churches to serve in intercultural mission.  Grant funding for 3 years over and above normal giving from churches has allowed us to increase our capacity in supporting church multiplication and leadership development, as well as commencing a multi-year strategic roadmap for transforming our information technology platforms for ministry in the years ahead.  

In the midst of COVID, 2021 was also a year of restructure for the Association staff team, to enable growth.  This has allowed greater focus on support and ministry at a regional level as the Gen1K vision for multiplication is embedded more and more in our movement’s culture.  I want to pay tribute to each and every staff member whose commitment to our mission in the midst of change and disruption this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

COVID again proved a challenge to mission and ministry, with patterns of engagement disrupted across churches. Our Association team has spent significant energy supporting, encouraging and standing with leaders navigating this season.  And as a movement we continue to have challenging and complex issues before us that we are seeking to work through together. 

If I was to highlight one final thing that has most excited me about 2021 it would be this: for the first time ever, leaders and members from across our churches joined together in 3 online prayer gatherings.  I am reminded again that our efforts in mission, if not accompanied, covered and protected in prayer, will be of little eternal consequence.  God moves as his people pray.  May it be so for us as we continue to pursue his Kingdom vision for us together in the times ahead. 


Steve Bartlett
Director of Ministries